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Customer Resources

We are still moving our prior support site to this new page. Please use  this link to access customer support on our previous site. The key things you'll find there are the AdPro documentation set and screencasts for new users.

You'll need your password.... If you don't have it, send a message or call 484-462-4300, option 1. Please provide a phone number where we may call you back. 

Accessing Customer Resources

Chrome, Safari or Firefox will work to access the customer resources site. Internet Explorer will not. 

You'll need your password and user name to reach the support pages.

Need that password?  Contact us or call 484-462-4300, option 1.

While we move our prior website to these pages, click here to reach the existing Customer Resources pages. 

Reach a Human

If you'd like to reach us for support first try sending a support message from inside AdPro. To do this, open AdPro and select Email Support from the Help menu at the far right. This is the fastest and most reliable way to reach us.

If you cannot get into AdPro,  send us an email here

Several people have eyes on this email address. We will typically answer in 5-10 minutes (more slowly on weekends).

You can also call 484-462-4300, option 1. We will usually see email first, though, so for anything urgent that's the way to go.

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Tel 484-462-4300

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